Landscape restoration is revitalizing your existing outdoors by moving existing plants to the right place.

Restore the health of older plants by naturalizing, or thinning, them and using the available materials around and finally adding media to bring a existing environment jumping back to life.

At The Groundskeeper, we have a passion for landscaping.  We have created unique and enduring designs for traditional and contemporary homes for over 20 years.

Our projects range from intimate courtyard gardens to large-scale estates, from urban prairie environments to gardens suited to Nebraska’s temperate climate.  Our design portfolio encompasses both new development and restoration of aging properties.  

We view each garden as a unique creation that integrates architecture, geographic features, heritage, and horticulture.

We work with our clients to develop distinctive outdoor environments and intimate spaces that reflect their personal aesthetics and each client’s unique visions.  Each garden or landscape is created, restored or transformed to reveal the personal vision of each individual client.

From design and construction through long-term maintenance, we value design integrity and lasting relationships with our clients and their landscapes.